Criminal Justice-COAS | American Juvenile Justice System
P375 | 1541 | To be announced

In this course we will try to gain an understanding of the philosophy
and organization of juvenile justice by examining the juvenile
justice system as a changing system.  Following an introduction of
definitions and characteristics of delinquency and an examination of
statistical data on juvenile crime, we will focus on the historical
development of the juvenile justice system.  Then we will look at
components of the system:  the police, the juvenile court process,
diversionary measures, institutional and residential interventions
and alternatives, and aftercare.  Throughout these examinations we
will explore the current literature to determine which interventions
are proving to be most effective in reducing juvenile recidivism.  We
will also look at the issues of victimization of juveniles, the
future of juvenile court reform, the chronic/violent offender,
capital punishment for juveniles, and jurisdiction over status
offenders.  Out of this review we will gain an understanding of the
juvenile justice system and its relationship to broad social and
political devielpments in society.

Readings:  To be announced.

Class meeting:  TR, 1:00 - 2:15P, BH 304

Instructor:  To be announced.