Criminal Justice-COAS | Child Abuse and Neglect
P462 | 1551 | Roger Levesque

This intensive seminar examines the nature, causes, consequences and
societal reactions to various forms of child maltreatment from a
legal perspective.

Part I of the course explores how the legal system defines what
constitutes the major forms of maltreatment deemed worthy of state
intervention in the lives of children, families and communities. Part
II details the nature of families assumed problematic and how the
state directly intervenes in families to address maltreating
conditions. Part III addresses the challenges faced by efforts to
stop and prevent child maltreatment as well as advocacy and legal
reform efforts. At the end of the semester, students are expected to
have a firm foundation for understanding key social science findings,
policy directions, and practices in child maltreatment law.

Readings:  To be announced

Class meeting:	2:30 - 5:00, W, SY 200

Course Will Satisfy:  Social/Historical Studies (Social Inquiry
distribution requirement

Instructor: Professor Roger Levesque, criminal justice department