Criminal Justice-COAS | Ethics and Criminal Justice
P493 | 1553 | Steven Russell


Study of major ethical theories with emphasis on their application to
the components of the criminal justice system. Personal and
professional dilemmas and problem solving strategies are emphasized.


	1.  That the student becomes knowledgeable of the role of
ethical theory in daily life and legitimate bases for disagreement
about ethical issues.

	2.  That the student develops the skill of recognizing and
analyzing common ethical issues arising in criminal justice practice.

	3.  That the student come away from this course with the
practical and theoretical grounding necessary to understand and
address contemporary ethical controversies involving justice policy.


Sam S. Souryal, "Ethics in Criminal Justice," 2d ed. (Anderson
Publishing 1998).

Class meeting:  TR, 4:00 - 5:15, SY 200

Instructor:  Professor Steven Russell, criminal justice department