Criminal Justice-COAS | Cross-Cultural Studies
P670 | 1562 | Kane

In this course, we will build the foundations of an emerging subfield
of criminal justice by studying theories and methods from the
intersection of anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, folklore
and criminology. We will approach issues in crime and justice through
the lens of culture, provisionally defined as the ways in which people
create, transform, and give order and meaning to social life.  The
course will function as a workshop for learning and developing
contemporary modes of data collection, analysis and interpretation.
Possible topics include social organization; social interaction;
textual analysis (e.g., structural analysis, discourse analysis,
deconstruction); myth and ritual; writing, representation and
ethnography; cross-cultural comparison; postmodernism; critical
approaches to race, gender and class; ethnohistory; globalization and
situated knowledge.

Readings:  To be announced.

Class Meeting:  T, 5:45-8:15P, SY 146

Instructor:  Professor Stephanie Kane