Classical Studies | Roman Culture
C102 | 0952 | Long

C102/0952  Roman Culture 3cr meets MWF in WH 101 from 1:25P-2:15

	This course introduces the student to the religion, art,
politics, literature, philosophy, and the quotidian culture (bathing,
eating, housing, technology) of the ancient Romans.  The approach is
largely lecture, with a fair amount of visual material being used to
give the student a more vivid impression of what the ancient world was
like.  No previous work in the ancient world should be necessary.
There are three multiple choice exams.


	Shelton, Jo-Ann.  *As the Romans Did.*  (Second Edition)

	Ramage, Nancy and Andrew.  *Roman Art.*  (Third Edition)

	Scarre, Chris.  *The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient

	Long:  C102:  A book of xeroxed lecture notes