Classical Studies | Greek Grammar and Composition
G495 | 0976 | Hansen

G495/0976 meets with G803/0982 tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:15PM
in BH 315.

	The aim of this course is to improve a student's ability to
read and understand Ancient Greek, and its method is to engage the
student actively in the language rather than passively, that is, in
writing more than in reading.  The course is structured as a review of
basic Greek syntax and forms, along with daily written exercises in
writing Ancient Greek, first individual sentences and eventually whole
paragraphs, which are discussed in detail in class.  Attention is
given to important differences in how speakers of Greek and speakers
of English communicate their information.  The course is open to
graduates and advanced undergraduates.
	Required texts are North & Hillard, Greek Prose Composition,
and Xenophon, Hellenica I-IV (Loeb Classical Library); recommended is
Smythe, Greek Grammar (but any other decent Greek grammar will