Classical Studies | Cicero
L307 | 0993 | Franklin

L307/0993 meets from 1:00-2:15 PM Tuesday and Thursday in WH 114

This semester the course will comprise a thorough reading of Cicero's
Pro Caelia, one of his rhetorical masterpieces, as well as substantial
syntactical review in connection with the speech. In addition, we will
explore the political and social milieu that gave rise to the oration,
late Republican Rome, and the career of M. Tullius Cicero.

There will be four examinations, three during class periods, the last
during the scheduled final examination period.  In addition, there
will be weekly homework assignments and class quizzes, which will be
collected and calculated with a class performance evaluation for a
fifth grade.  These five grades will be averaged to determine the
final course grade.

This is foremost a translation course, and class attendance is
extremely important--particularly since we will be a small class and
your absence will be keenly observed.


R.G. Austin, M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro M Caelio Oratio
C.E. Bennet, New Latin Grammar