Communication and Culture | Interpersonal Communication
C122 | 1011 | Goodman

This course is designed specifically to improve students' ability to
compose effective persuasive prose.  We will rely primarily upon
exemplars of public address in a variety of modes, from corporate
advocacy and political campaigning to artful  ceremonial display.
These exemplars will be supplemented with theoretical and conceptual
material intended to foster a critical appreciation of these
exemplars.  Students will be asked to emulate these exemplars, not to
copy them but to mine them as living repositories of rhetorical
strategy.  These exemplars, then, form part of a catalog of
possibilities from which students might begin to fashion their own
voices as persuasive rhetors.  The class will not function as a
lecture, but rather as a workshop and discussion group.  Reasoned
critique, as a skill complementary to skillful composition, will be
developed as we read and evaluate each other's work throughout the

Assignments will include seven 750-word papers, with at least one
opportunity to revise and resubmit a paper.