Communication and Culture | Business and Professional Communication
C223 | 1124-1133 | Andrews

C223 is a course designed to familiarize students with the kinds of
communicaiton behavior commonly occurring with the organizational
context, to assist their awareness and understanding of underlying
communication processes, and to develop in them the skills needed for
effective communicaiton in a variety of organizational settings.
Students in C223 are exposed to theories or organization and
management, leadership, learning and persuasion, conflict, and group
decision-making.   The major thrust of the course, however, is
oriented toward the acquisition of communication skills.   Students
develop skills of leading and contributing to group/teams, speaking in
public settings, speaking to small decision-making groups, and
participating in interviews.   While students' oral communication
skill acquisition is the main thrust of the course, several
assignments require written work as well, such as speech outlining,
group and speech analysis, and resume and letter writing.   Students
are consistently taught the ways in which oral and written
communication skills often work in tandem.   Finally, C223 emphasizes
the student's role as a thoughtful consumer of communicaiton.  To that
end, effect listening and critical thinking are sought in conjunction
with each communication activity throughout the course.