Communication and Culture | Argumentation and Advocacy
C228 | 1139 | Various

C228 is a course designed to familiarize students with both the
philosophic and pragmatic uses of argument.   Just as the nature of
argumentation is complex and multifaceted, so are the theories and
practices individuals will encounter throughout the semester.
Participants are exposed to theories of language, value assessment,
reasoning and evidence, and credibility.   These concepts will be
explored in detail, often by applying them to various elements of the
so-called "public sphere."   In order to stress the changing and
dynamic nature of argument, this class will stress the manner in which
various audiences produce, employ, and are persuaded by differing
forms of argumention.
Students will examine a variety of cultural texts ranging from US
Senate addresses and music videos, to early twentieth century
encyclopedia entries and IU economic concerns.   Numerous written and
speaking assignments will allow participants the opportunity to
utilize the skills they acquire over the duration of the semester.