Communication and Culture | Independent Films
C420 | 1162 | Hawkins

American Independent cinema has a long history.  In this class, well
with the Indie films roots in Exploitation and Avant-garde film, and
move on to consider New American directors like John Cassavetes and
Shirley Clarke; Direct Cinema filmmakers like D.A. Pennebaker; the
rise of
Sundance; punk and transgressive cinema; auteur tv ("Twin Peaks") and
advent of digital video. Since the class is being offered for
writing credit, the written work for the class will bewellintense.
will be two short papers and one ten-page paper that will be revised.
addition, therell be a midterm, a final exam and a group oral

Films by Beth B. John Cassavetes, Shirley Clarke, David Lynch, Steven
Soderbergh, Todd Verow, Nick Zedd and others.  For a complete list,
the course page on Oncourse.

Required reading:
Emanuel Levy,  CINEMA OF OUTSIDERS (NYU Press)
Jim Hillier, ed, AMERICAN INDEPENDENT CINEMA (British Film Institute)
Xeroxed packet of readings.