College Of Arts and Sciences | Politics & Personalities: Hitler, Stalin & DeGaulle
E104 | 0098 | Douglas, A.

Hitler, Stalin and de Gaulle each embody one of the three major
regime types that competed in Twentieth-Century Europe: Fascism,
Communism and liberal democracy.  Each figure was also influential in
the development of his own system that questions of personality have
always arisen.  With Hitler, both his intense personal magnetism and
his obsessional racism have been considered key to explaining the
course of the Third Reich. With Stalin, theoretical options are given
a larger role, but Stalinís departure from so much in the European
socialist tradition has often posed the question of the effect of his
personality on the development of the Soviet system.  De Gaulle's
character has always been seen as key to his politics. Readings will
be from the writings of Hitler, Stalin and de Gaulle, biographies of
all three figures and a short general text for background.