College Of Arts and Sciences | Sketchbooks, Diaries, and Logs
S103 | 0093 | Strange, G.

This course will demonstrate how artists, writers and scientists use
similar processes of investigation:  recording observations, analysis
of information, formulation of insights, all of which lead to
creativity and discovery.   Lectures on examples of documentation
used for scientific research, creative activity, personal memoirs,
explorations, etc. will be presented.  Faculty from a variety of
disciplines on the Bloomington campus will demonstrate the role of
documentation in their profession.

Students will use a journal for daily documentation.  Along with a
daily record of life as a college student, the students will assume a
professional identity for role-playing.  This imagined identity will
provide the framework for examining their life.   Students will write
a short analysis of their journal entries every two weeks.  At the
end of the semester, students will write a short critical analysis of
their journal.  In the last quarter of the semester, students will
give 10-15 minute oral presentations on an individual of their choice.