Cognitive Science | Seminar in Cognitive Science
Q700 | 1017 | Townsend

F, 2:30-5:00pm, PY 113
TOPIC:  Tensor Analysis:  The mathematics and applications in
perception, cognition, and motor behavior

General Information:  Differential geometry has been of inestimable
value in modern physics ever since Einstein built his theory of
general relativity around it.  Actually, it also make many aspects of
traditional physics more comprehensible.  It has begun to be employed
in certain avenues of cognitive science.  Some of the applications
primarily involve tensor analysis; others involve Riemannian metrics
(e.g., on curved spaces).   In this seminar, we will emphasize an
introduction to the mathematical concepts and ways to use some of
these tools.  We will share the working out or explanation of
problems, but these will not be graded.  Some of the meeting periods
or parts thereof, will be used for individuals to present a paper,
chapter, etc. illustrating applications of concepts from this body of

Tests: None
Papers: None