East Asian Languages and Cultures | Twentieth Century Japanese Culture
E271 | 1590 | Alvis

Why does the figure of the "demon" mother-in-law appear so frequently on
Japanese soap operas? How does the media portray Japan's ethnic minorities?
What is a "yakuza" film and how do you recognize one?   These are some of
the questions we will be exploring in E271, which studies contemporary
Japanese society as represented in popular culture. On one hand, E271 will
familiarize students with many aspects of Japanese popular culture, such as
anime (animation films), manga (comic books), popular film and television,
and newspaper advice columns. On the other, E271 will encourage students to
examine specific aspects of Japanese culture as they appear in popular
media: for example, race and gender in manga, religion in anime, and the
family in popular films. 	An emphasis throughout the course on basic
critical thinking and writing abilities makes E271 a good choice for
freshmen and sophomores who want to work on developing these
fundamental academic skills.  E271 may also be of special interest to
students in the field of journalism, owing to its focus on the media.  E271
meets three times a week for 50-minute interactive lectures.  In addition to
daily attendance and participation, requirements  include: six short writing
assignments, four in-class group projects, midterm and final exams;
approximately 75 pages of reading per week.