East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in Chinese Cinema
E333 | 9551 | Voci

Second-eight-week class(first class meeting Monday, 28 October)

This course examines literature in twentieth-century China by looking at
literary texts as complex cultural products (e.g., literary texts, political
statements, revolutionary messages, avant-garde experiments, popular culture
media) and analyzing their relationship with other media (especially cinema
and TV).  The course is organized chronologically; however, materials (both
readings and films) are arranged according to a few main themes and critical
angles:  literary texts and film adaptations, women in literature and women
in cinema, re-writing and re-presenting history (in particular, the Cultural
Revolution), national and transnational identity through words and images.
We will extensively read from The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese
Literature, The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century, New Chinese
Cinemas, and Screening China, as well as a course packet.  All in-class
viewings will be limited to 10-15 minute film excerpts, but you are
encouraged to see the films in their entirety, as they will all be available
to borrow or view on reserve.  There will also be a mandatory weekly film
showing.  Requirements include weekly assignments, a group presentation, and
a final paper.  No knowledge of the Chinese language is required for this