East Asian Languages and Cultures | Seminar in East Asian Studies
E600 | 1600 | Struve

Topic: Premodern East Asia: Integrative Issues

This course will present current, Western-langauge scholarship on East Asia
in such a way as to show cross-currents of inquiry in the histories of
China, Japan, and Korea from ancient times through the eighteenth century.
Sample subject areas are: the transformations wrought on ancient history by
recent archaeological findings; nodal points in the transformations of
elites; phases of canon-formation in literature, philosophy, and religion;
the differential dynamics of Confucianism in thought, politics, and society;
new approaches stimulated by gender studies and cultural history. Students
are expected to already have a survey knowledge of Chinese, Japanese, and
Korean history, or to obtain that knowledge outside of class. Besides
participating in weekly discussions, each student will write a paper on
interrelate-able scholarship in some subject area in the premodern histories
of Chinese, Japan, and, if feasible, Korea.

This course meets with HIST H675; credit is given for only one of EALC E203
and HIST H675 on this topic.