East Asian Languages and Cultures | Third-Year Japanese I
J301 | 1679 | Alvis

P: grade of C or higher in J202 or equivalent proficiency

J301 is designed to expand upon the skills and knowledge acquired in second
year Japanese.  Students will continue to develop speaking and listening
abilities through dialogues, drills, and related activities.  However, J301
will place a greater emphasis on the mechanics of writing and reading than
did earlier levels of Japanese.
By the end of J301 you will be able
-Speaking: to communicate effectively and naturally in a number of
situations, including making introductions, interacting at a Japanese
university, and ordering at a restaurant.
-Listening: to understand a conversation or short speech relating to the
above situations/topics.
-Reading: to grasp the content and the grammatical structure of letters and
short essays or newspaper articles.
-Writing: to produce memos and letters for various situations, and to create
an original New Year's postcard.

J301 will build your Japanese-related skills in other ways, too.  You will
learn approximately 450 new kanji compounds, and become familiar with some
basic rules for mastering kanji and their "radicals" or basic units.  Also,
doing in-class exercises based on the book Living Japanese Style will give
you insights into Japanese culture.