Education | Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education
Y502 | 5979 | Dr. Ajit Mukerjee

I. Descriptive statistics

Presentation of data by graph
(a)Frequency graph (b)Histograms (c)Cumulative frequency graph (Ogive)
Nature of data distribution (mainly discuss normal distribution)
Central tendencies
Mean, Median and Mode (computation techniques; application and
Range, Variance and Standard deviation
Standard score (z-score) applications
Standard error of mean and applications

II. Inferential statistics

t-tests and applications
Hypothesis testing; Type I/Type II errors; Level of significance;
one-tail vs. two-tail tests.
Analysis of covariance

III. Correlation and regression

Pearson-r and application
What is regression? ; Linear vs. curvilinear correlation; Regression
line and properties; significance level of r.
Rank order -r ( Spearman's rho and  Kendall's tau).

IV. Analysis of variance

One-way analysis of variance;
Two-way Analysis of variance
F-ratio as applies to two-way analysis of variance
Multiple comparison and Scheffe's - t

V. Categorical data analysis

Chi-square and application

VI. Multiple Regression

Concept of regression plane; Beta- weights; Trend analysis and
Computation of Multiple -R; Shrinkage in multiple correlation.
Brief discussion of Canonical analysis and Discriminant analysis


Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the
fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics as
applied in educational research.
The course activities will focus on helping students to interpret data
and understanding of proper application of statistical techniques in
the field of education.
A weekly Lab is a part of the course. The lab provides opportunities
for students to practice and improve their skills in analyzing and
interpreting data applying SPSS for
Windows. The students are encouraged to use lab time to work on their
lab work and


Y520 or equivalent course has been taken and passed by a student. The
working knowledge of arithmetic and basic algebra is essential to
understand the course content of Y502.

Assessment of students' performance:

Assignments (15% of final grade):
(1)Lab and homework assignments (all lab & homework must be turned in
by due dates to receive full credit).
(2) Assigned readings: Two articles from professional journals.

One written project (10% of final grade)

There will be three (3) exams (each 25% of final grade).

Please bring the textbook, handouts, notes, graph papers, a calculator
and a ruler to class.


Hinkle,D.E., Wiersma, W., Jurs, S.G., (1998). Applied statistics for
the behavioral sciences, NY: Houghton Mifflin.

Recommended References:

SPSS Inc.(latest). SPSS Base 10.0: Application Guide. Chicago, Il:

Other references and journal articles will be shared in class.