E304 2085 SPERBER
Literatures in English 1900-Present

1:00p-2:15p MW (30) 3 cr.

This section of E304 covers a large number of American writers in the twentieth century. We will use the Heath Anthology of American Literature and emphasize literary texts and historical context. Obviously, we cannot read in a vacuum without any sense of how and why we are reading and interpreting a work, and we will study some essays on these questions but, for the most part, we will read the literary texts carefully and try to understand their historical context.

Student responsibility in the course will include a number of short papers, mainly literary explications of poems and prose works; also a class presentation on an author of the student's choosing; and a midterm and final project. The major projects can consist of: a research paper on any topic connected to the course; OR a creative project, e.g., a short story or script on any topic prompted by the course; OR a take-home exam.