English | Introduction to Writing & Study of Literature I: "STORIES THAT MATTER"
L141 | 2034 | Ray Hedin


This course will consider the nature of stories and the role of
stories in the lives of individuals and cultures.  Why do all cultures
without exception give stories and storytelling a central place?  And
on the individual level, why do we find stories so fascinating?  What
skills do we need to understand stories?  How do we use stories to
make sense of ourselves and of the people and events around us?  And
in particular, how do we use stories to make sense of issues that
matter the most to us, such as love, death, and survival?  We will
address these issues by considering a wide range of stories:  fairy
tales, urban legends, films, fiction, and autobiography.

The course will consist of lecture two days a week and smaller
discussion sections two days a week.  Attendance at both lecture and
discussion sections is required.  Students will write 2-3 short
papers; a mid-term, in-class exam; and a two-hour final exam.  Precise
requirements for papers and other assignments will be announced in
sections.  The exams will cover material from both lectures and
discussion sections.