11:15a-12:30p MW (30) 3 cr.

Extensive, intensive study of Milton, with some discussion too on how and where to place him in the various controversies of his age. We'll start with Samson Agonistes, to get a feel for the poet, and then backtrack to pick up important early poems, some of the crucial prose, and then, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. At least two essays, one of which will be an analysis (including scansion -- to be taught in the class) of a sonnet and the other a later, longer paper (ca. 8 pages) on Paradise Lost. An hour exam on Paradise Lost before we start discussing it in class (so that everyone will have similar knowledge of the poem in subsequent discussion), and a final exam.

Much class discussion; in fact, class will be conducted completely in discussion format, with suitable opportunity for expression of bewilderment and outrage. Text will probably have to be The Riverside Milton, ed. by Roy Flannagan.