English | Writing Fiction
W301 | 2020 | Martinez

2020 5:45p-7:40p T (15) 3 cr.


R: W103 or W203.
P: Submission of acceptable manuscript to instructor in advance or

To apply to this class, turn in 10-15 pages of fiction and a list of
creative writing classes you’ve taken to my mailbox in BH442 at least
one week before your registration day.  Submit your manuscript as
soon as possible, as places will be filled as people apply–if you
have a late registration date, apply at the beginning of the period
to reserve a space.  A list of those admitted will be posted on my
door (BH 531) and copies will be give to the Creative Writing
Secretary and the Undergraduate Secretary.  As soon as you are
admitted, contact either the creative writing secretary or the
undergraduate secretary for on-line authorization to register.  You
must have an authorization prior to registering for this course.

We will spend the semester investigating the subtleties of writing
the literary short story.  Students should be prepared to write two
original pieces and be committed to giving in-depth, well-reasoned,
constructive criticism in a workshop atmosphere.  Attendance will be
crucial and carefully monitored.