English | Advanced Fiction Writing
W401 | 2025 | Johnson

2025 1:00p-2:15p M (15) 3cr.


This is an advanced fiction workshop where students will be expected
to produce three shorts stories or three novel chapters, and a small
number of exercises.  Elements of the craft of fiction, such as plot,
character development, setting, point-of-view, dialogue, and the
revision/editing process will be discussed.  There will also be some
additional reading of selected short stories.

Students interested in this class should submit to my mailbox in BH
442 one polished short story, along with a list of their previous
creative writing classes and literary influences or interests. Submit
your manuscript as soon as possible, as places will be filled as
people apply–if you have a late registration date, apply at the
beginning of the period ot reserve a space.  I will post a list of
those admitted on my office door (BH 532), and give a copy of the
list to the creative writing secretary and the undergraduate
secretary.  As soon as you are admitted, see one of the secretaries
for an on-line authorization to register.  You must have an
authorization prior to registering for the course.