Fine Arts | Ancient Art from Alexander the Great to Augustus
A316 | 2183 | Van Voorhis

The visual arts  flourished under Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic
kings that succeeded him; some of our best-know Greek works of art, such
as the Laocon, the Victory of Samothrace, and the Great Altar at Pergamon,
were created curing this period.  This period also saw the rise of Rome as
an important Mediterranean power, during which time it evolved its own
artistic  forms that were based partly on Greek models and partly on local
Italic traditions.  This course will survey the architecture and art
(including sculpture, painting, mosaics, and the so-called minor arts) of
the Hellenistic and Roman Republican periods.  We both examine the diverse
range of subjects and artistic  styles found during this period, and
explore broader contextual issues concerning patronage, function, display,
and intended meaning(s) of the work under discussion.