Fine Arts | History of African American Art - NEW DAY & TIME, NEW INSTRUCTOR
A340 | 2186 | Bowles

Topics in Modern Art

	This course will be an historical survey centered on key artists
and episodes in the history of African-American art from mid-19th century
to the present.  Areas of special attention will include the Harlem
Renaissance and the development of the "New Negro," the participation of
African-American artists in the WPA and their creation of paintings
devoted to American history, the strategies employed by African-American
artists in the post World War II period to negotiate a place within the
mainstream of American art, community murals and other protests against
art world racism in the 1960s, development of a Black aesthetic, the role
of folk tradition, spirituality, and outsider art.  In the final weeks of
the semester we will look at a wide range of work by contemporary
African-American artists who deal with issues of race through strategies
that include performance art, photographs representations and
deconstructions of blackness, the appropriation of stereotypes, and
paintings that incorporate humor and parody.