Fine Arts | 20th Century Art from 1925 to the Present - NEW COURSE & INSTRUCTOR
A449 | 9351 | Bowles

The period extending from 1925 to the end of the 20th century saw both the
triumph of modernism, and a series of attaches on modernist "purity" that
have continued to the present day.  In this period we find a radical
rethinking of the boundaries between art, popular culture, and consumer
society; we find art dealing with social issued, history, autobiography,
memory, and mortality; we find various "returns" to realism; and -
especially at the end of the century - we find sharp controversy over
acceptable limits of expression.
	Various forms of social activism, including women's art, will
constitute an important segment of the course, carrying us from the end of
the 1960s through the beginning of the 1970s.  Yet another significant
segment will be devoted to the 1970s, with special attention given to the
persistence of painting as both a rear guard and an avant-garde
phenomenon.  In the final weeks of the semester we will consider selected
artists from the last two decades of the century.