Fine Arts | The Use of Film in the Study of Art
A458 | 2193 | McNaughton

Topics in the Ethnographic Arts

	This class is aimed at the critical examination of films on or
about art and culture.  A surprisingly large number of such films exist,
and while many are very good, many are not.  We will view, discuss and
critique films across the whole spectrum, from good to bad, and we will
include in our examination films on: visual and performance art,
"shocking" cultural acts, people from other parts of the world, and
artists making art.  Some of the films are made by people in the arts.
Others were made by ethnographers.  But in an important sense all the
films are a kind of ethnography, in that they tell stories about
non-Western cultures or areas of Western culture that are often little
known, poorly understood, even mysterious or odd to many Americans.