Fine Arts | Women Artists Since the Renaissance - NEW GRADUATE SECTION
A540 | 9450 | Facos

2nd 8 weeks course. This section for GR only
This section meets with FINA A490

Women Artists: from Hildegard of Bingen to Kiki Smith

Topics in Art History

	What special conditions affected women artists and the production,
display, and marketing of their work?  How difficult was it to pursue an
artistic career when, for most of history, women were the legal property
of their fathers and husbands?  Did the social and economic
transformations of the 19th and 20th centuries have a different impact on
women than they did on men?  What is feminist art history and what
contribution can it make to our understanding of cultural production?
These are among the questions that will be probed in this course surveying
the work of women artists from the Middle Ages to the present.
	The main text will be Whitney Chadwick's Women, Art and Society,
supplemented by a reading packet.  Evaluation will be based on weekly
quizzes, short writing assignments, and an essay final, as well as class