Fine Arts | Orientalism - NEW TIME
A641 | 2204 | Burns

Problems in Romantic Art

	This seminar uses current theoretical works in the field of
colonial and post-colonial theory to interpret and critique American and
British artists engagement with the cultures of northern Africa, the
Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific.  Reading the work of such influential
thinkers as Edward Said and Homi Babbha, we will discuss and apply
orientalist theory to the interpretation and critique of a wide range of
cultural products including paintings, interior design, architecture,
fashion, literature, and popular visual culture more generally.  Time
frame: emphasis on the nineteenth century, but overlapping at both ends,
into the eighteenth and the earlier twentieth centuries.   Course work
will involve active engagement with readings and especially primary
materials, and a research project that will culminate in an in-class
report and a seminar paper.