Fine Arts | Independent Studio Projects
U450 | 2365 | Varies

Designed for advanced studio art students who want to work
independently on special studio projects under the guidance of a
faculty member or committee.  This course work does not fulfill
a specific course requirement for the fine arts major.  It does count
within the 42 hour studio art limit.  Students much arrange a project
with a faculty member who will supervise and grade the work
produced.  One credit is given for each three hours of work per week
for the entire semester.  Project Approval forms are available from
the Undergraduate Advising Office, Fine Arts 127.  Forms must be
filled out, signed by a faculty member and returned to Fine Arts 123
to receive authorization for enrollment.  All students enrolled in an
Independent Studio Project will appear on a common S400 roster held
in the main office.  All work and final grades must be reported to
the main office by the last day of final week.  If no grade is
received from the supervising faculty by that time, an automatic
incomplete will be given.