Folklore | Mariachi Performance & Culture
F356 | 2407 | Jaquez

Meets with F527.  This musical ensemble performs traditional Mexican
musics throughout the university and the surrounding community.
Students learn basic mariachi musicianship, historical and
contemporary issues in mariachi as a socio-cultural practice, and
participate in community outreach. Musicians and dancers are required
to attend a weekly two-hour rehearsal, participate in at least two
performances (one community performance, and one end of term
concert). Weekly assignments are given as playlists of songs to be
rehearsed at the next rehearsal as well as assigned readings.
Participants are expected to prepare their parts in individual
practice during the week in preparation for the group rehearsal.
Previous mariachi experience or Spanish language fluency is not
required; however, violin, trumpet, and guitar players should have a
working knowledge of their instruments and some music reading ability
and/or good aural skills.

In addition to seeking musicians (singers, violin, trumpet, guitar,
and people interested in learning the vihuela or guitarrón) and
folklórico dancers, we welcome individuals interested in
participating in the following positions:

	general secretary/archivist
	grant/proposal writer
	business manager
	equipment manager
	music librarian
	music transcriber/arranger
	community outreach liaison

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities, Traditions and Ideas
distribution requirement and is on List A of the COAS Culture Studies