Folklore | Typology & Tales On Line
F545 | 2428 | El-Shamy

"Tales on Line" (ToL) is an ongoing project of Indiana University's
Folklore Institute. It adopts, elaborates and expands on Hasan El-
Shamy's A Demographically Oriented Type-Index for Tales of the Arab
World (DOTTI-A). DOTTI-A is the first tale-type index that
systematically provides basic information about narrators,
collectors, and contexts as integral parts of a given narrative text.
When combined with a tale's typology and genre characteristics,
factors such as narrator's/listener's age, gender, religious
affiliation, marital status, etc. furnish the foundation required for
any objective analysis of a given text (e.g., contextual,
performance, psychological, educational, ).

The contents are grouped into 6 segments:

I.	Introduction: introducing such issue as interest in the
Folktale, the Genres and Fields of Lore.

II.	The emergence of the internet as a medium for instructional
and research activities.

III.	Websites addressing folklore and related sociocultural
materials. The folktale on the internet. The nature(s) of their
currant contents, and presumed users (browsers).

IV.	Folktale genres and theories/hypothesis as currently
addressed on certain web-sites. Emphasis will placed on theories with
immediate relevance to educational objectives in public-schools
(e.g., functional, historical,
psychological: learning, modeling/didactic, etc.).

V.	Going beyond search by "key word/s." Analytical and
classificatory tools associated with the Typology of tales and their
relevance to "tales on line"--(e.g.,  Tale-type, variant, redaction,
episode, motif, frame story, cycle, oikotype/regional/national
specialty etc.).

VI.	How "ToL" can serve the interests of a variety of usurers
(e.g., general public, high school students, and specialized academic

Requirements: Graduate standing or approval of instructor.
One term paper, and 2-3 reports.