Folklore | Cosmology & Worldview
F755 | 2436 | Schrempp

"Cosmology" and "worldview" generally refer to the overall order of
the physical universe and/or the human moral condition.  We will
discuss a number of approaches to the study of cosmology and
worldview (historical, ethnographic, and cognitive), and in the
process consider several cultural traditions (including European,
Native American, Polynesian).   We will consider such issues as the
relationship between traditional and scientific cosmology; the
relation of fact and value in cosmological thought; the usefulness of
myth, folktale, proverb and other narratives in characterizing
worldview; the uses and problems of worldview and cosmology as
ethnographic categories; and the place of "totalizing" concepts
within the allegedly "fragmented" theoretical discourse of the
present era.  This is an advanced course, normally best taken after a
student has completed a year of graduate study.