French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 2501 | Prof. Richard Carr

Using major texts drawn from the rich literary history of France, we
will pursue the basic purpose of the course, which is to introduce the
student to methods of approaching, analyzing, and appreciating four
genres of literature. In the first unit we will examine the
conventions of various forms of lyric poetry and allow the student
to gain a comfortable control over the basic aspects of French
prosody. The latter will be an essential tool in our study of Racine's
Phèdre, a drama of passion and jealousy which is considered to
be the greatest French tragedy. Turning to narrative prose in the
third unit, we will examine in particular the relationship of
author-narrator-reader, first in the short story "Un coeur simple" by
Flaubert, France's most famous and most influential novelist, and then
in Prévost's tragic tale of adolescent love, Manon Lescaut.

The course will be conducted entirely in French. There will be an exam
at the conclusion of each of the four units. In addition, students
will write two short papers on topics that will be distributed.
Although the texts are mainly from the classical period in order to
minimize vocabulary problems, each student should have a good
French-English, English-French dictionary. Prerequisite is FRIT F250,
F255, or F265. F300 fulfills A & H requirement.