French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 2504 | Prof. Leonard Hinds

Where does one go on a voyage? To a place on Earth? To new planets? To
an imaginary space? What human experience can the voyage symbolize?
What do humans seek in their quest? Can the trip constitute a search
for identity, pleasure, truth, transcendence, or damnation? We will
pose these questions among others in an introductory study of four
major literary genres – poetry, theater, short story, and novel –
exemplified by French texts ranging from the Renaissance to the
twentieth century. This course will examine the themes of voyage and
quest in the poetry of Du Bellay, Ronsard, La Fontaine, Baudelaire,
Rimbaud, and Mallarmé. We shall read about interplanetary travel in
Voltaire's Micromégas and the Romantic search for values in
Chateaubriand's novel René. The course will finish with the
study and intermittent performance of Jean Anouilh's Le Voyageur
san bagage, a play concerning the quest for identity.  The class
will be conducted in French. Written exercises include short weekly
answers to questions, a midterm, a final exam, and a close textual
analysis or explication de texte littéraire to be handed in
near the end of the semester. Prerequisite is FRIT F250, F255, or
F265; F300 fulfills A & H requirement.