French and Italian | Roman et Poésie
F306 | 2509 | Prof. Leonard Hinds

Topic: Love and Its Discontents.  The themes of this introduction to
French novel and poetry are love, desire, and the problems that
accompany them. What are the most common love scenarios in the modern
novel? How does a poet represent problems inherent to amorous
relationships in lyric poetry? What kinds of love are there? When does
love become wrong or even criminal? Students will be asked to pose
such questions in their study of French poetry and novels from the
17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.  Readings include poems by
Ronsard, Du Bellay, Louise Labé, Théophile de Viau, Voiture,
Benserade, La Fontaine, Voltaire, Lamartine, Hugo, Baudelaire, Breton,
and Aimé Césaire. We will also read three novels: Madame de
Lafayette's Princesse de Clèves, Chateaubriand's René,
and Maguerite Duras's L'Amant. Class will be conducted in
French. Students will be graded based on their participation in
discussions, two short explications de texte littéraire, a midterm
exam, and a final exam. Prerequisite is FRIT F300; F306 fulfills A & H