French and Italian | Modern Italian Novel
M553 | 2570 | Prof. Andrea Ciccarelli

In this course we will analyze the development of modern Italian
novel, focusing mostly on three periods. First, we will stress the
foundation of the modern novel focusing on Manzoni''s ""Promessi
sposi"" and on its role in forging the fertile contact between history
and fiction in the Italian tradition up to the present times
(Bufalino, Camilleri). We will then concentrate on the modernist
period studying Pirandello''s ""Il fu Mattia Pascal,"" the foundation
work for the modernist movement in Italy and Europe, and Svevo''s ""La
coscienza di Zeno."" The third part of the course will instead study
both the maturation of modernism (Calvino''s ""Il barone rampante"")
and the multilingual tradition (""plurilinguismo"") that characterized
the mid-part of the century (we will read: Gadda''s ""Pasticciaccio,""
Fenoglio''s ""Il partigiano Johnny,"" and Pasolini''s ""Ragazzi di
vita."" The students will be asked to read a supplementary list of
novels, by the same authors as well as by others, which will be the
object of oral presentations. Such list will include the following
works: ""Tosca"" (Tarchetti), ""Il piacere"" and ""Il fuoco""
(D''Annunzio), ""Conversazioni in Sicilia"" (Vittorini), ""Il sentiero
dei nidi di ragno"" (Calvino), ""Il giardino dei Finzi Contini""
(Bassani), etc. The course will be held in Italian. One research paper
and one oral presentation.