Geology | Geospatial Data Analysis
G490 | 2762 | G. Olyphant

Geospatial Data Analysis (3 cr) P: upper level course in some aspect
of geology, physical geography, ecology, or environmental science.


This is a field-based course in the use of Global Positioning System
(GIPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to
document and solve problems in the natural and environmental sciences.
Students are introduced to the importance of geospatial data analysis
in basic and applied research through examples of past and ongoing
work.  Basic concepts and use of GIS and GPS software are introduced
during intensive laboratory sessions.   A series of field problems are
identified and specific working hypotheses are formulated by
individual groups of students with common interests.  Fieldwork
involves mapping of pertinent features using GPS units followed by
additional data collection aimed at attributing specific mapped
features.  The field data are input to a GIS, and analyses of the GIS
layers and attributes are undertaken to verify or refute the working

The fieldwork is conducted in one of the new Indiana University
Teaching and Research Preserves.  The instructors are principal
researchers in the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis.