Geology | Terrigenous Clastic Deposition
G690 | 2770 | J. Schieber

Terrigenous Clastic Deposition (3 cr)
Course content:
The Depositional Sedimentary Environments of Sandstones and Mudstones.
Lecture will be survey the realm of terrigenous clastic sedimentation,
starting near the source of the sediment (mountain ranges, uplifts)
and following its path all the way into the deep sea.

Objectives and Goals:
Develop understanding of depositional processes in the various
terrigenous clastic sedimentary environments, acquire knowledge of the
characteristics of rocks deposited in these environments, and
understand how environments and rock types are interrelated at the
basin scale.

Depositional Sedimentary Environments, by H. -E. Reineck and I.B.
Singh, Springer, and Sedimentary environments: Processes, facies and
stratigraphy.  Reading, H.G. (ed.), Blackwell Sciences, Oxford