Germanic Languages | Oral Practice-Write & Read I
G200 | 2800-2806 | Staff

G200	Oral Practice, Writing & Reading I (3 cr.) 		

Prerequisite: G150 with a minimum grade of C-. Continuation of
language acquisition within a cultural context, as begun in the first
year (G100 & G150). Students will work on raising their level of
proficiency in the German language through reading, writing, and
intensive oral work in class as well as homework assignments.
Quizzes will be given as we complete each chapter of the book, and
there will be a one hour midterm and a final examination.  To proceed
to G250, students need to earn a grade of C- or better in G 200.

Texts:	Terrell, et al., Kontakte: A Communicative Approach (4th ed.)
ISBN 0-07-365516-3
A course package with additional materials will also be required.