Germanic Languages | Perspectives on German Literature
G415 | 2829 | Ingeborg Hoesterey

G415	Perspectives on German Literature (3 cr.)		
	Ingeborg Hoesterey
	Topic:   Unconventional Scenarios:
Sampling 20th-Century German Visual and
Verbal Texts
Prerequisite: G305/G306.  The course attempts to highlight moments in
20th-century German culture not according to an established
hierarchy, but rather by teasing out the unconventionality, the break
with bourgeois sensibility, or the far-outness of certain visual and
verbal texts. We will see short Dada films, see the rupture with the
past by the architects of the Bauhaus, follow ASteppenwolf@ into the
Magical Theatre, and read other short texts that exemplify the topic.
Among the feature films to be shown will be The Marriage of Maria
Braun. Students are encouraged to give team presentations (web-based
or not) on a topic of their choice.

Texts:   Hermann Hesse, Der Steppenwolf
Course reader available at Collegiate Copies