Germanic Languages | Kultur und Gesellschaft
G464 | 2833 | William Rasch

G464	Kultur und Gesellschaft (3cr.)				
	Topic: The German Experience of War

Prerequisite: G362 or G363
After a brief look at the trench warfare of World War I (1914-‘18)
and both its pacifist and heroic reception in the 1920s and ‘30s,
this course will deal with the German (including German-Jewish)
experience of World War II (1939-’45) and its immediate aftermath.
Among the topics discussed will be the experience of font line
soldiers on the Eastern Front, the bombing war, the Holocaust, the
expulsion of ethnic Germans from Eastern European territories, and
the conditions in Germany in the immediate postwar period.  We will
read histories, reportage, diaries, letters, memoirs, and fictional
accounts, as well as view art, listen to music, and watch
documentary, propaganda, and fictional films.   The primary aim of
the course is to make students familiar with a wide (but by no means
exhaustive) range of events as experienced by German participants,
both military and civilian, of the war.  Students will be expected to
read (in English and German) and watch all the materials presented
and be prepared to discuss and/or write about them in class.  Regular
homework assignments (study questions, short summary and analysis
papers in German, etc.) will be given and there will be one or two
take-home exams.

Please note: There will be weekly movie showings on Tuesday evenings,
7:15-9:15.  Attendance is mandatory.

Readings will include:
Remarque	All Quiet on the Western Front	
Stephan Fritz	Frontsoldaten				
Alex. McKee	Dresden 1945: The Devil’s Tinderbox 		
Nossack 	Der Untergang			
O. Friedrich	The Kingdom of Auschwitz		
Ruth Elias	Die Hoffnung erhielt mich am Leben		
M. de Zayas	A Terrible Revenge
Heinrich: Steiner: Das geduldige Fleisch	
Plus course reader of excerpts from works by most of the following
authors: Jünger, Sajer, Ledig, Kluge, Weiß, Celan, Döblin, Frisch,
and anonymous accounts of the bombing war.

Films to be shown include most or all of the following:
Westfront 1918					Deutschland, bleiche
All Quiet on the Western Front			Fire Storm over
Triumph des Willens (excerpts)			Night and Fog
Hitlerjunge Quex				Shoah (excerpts)
Mein Krieg					Germany, Year Zero
Stalingrad (1959)				A Foreign Affair
Aimée und Jaguar