Gender Studies | Sex, Gender, and the Body
G105 | ALL | Tba

Sex, Gender, and the Body is an introductory interdisciplinary course
which examines diverse interconnections between biological sex, the
sexed body, and cultural discourses on masculinity and femininity.
Asking how cultures have imagined and represented "embodiment," the
course investigates the gender dynamics of sexual differences through
an array of topics drawing on several fields of knowledge.
Specifically, this course asks: "In what ways is the body
socially-constructed?"  "How is that social construction different for
men and women?"  It also explores the usage of the body in defining
masculine and feminine identities, and in empowering or controlling
different groups. Themes addressed may include conceptions of the body
as the mind; the body power, oppression; the body as "public" and
"private"; the body and definitions of citizenship.

This course is excellent preparation for further and upper level
studies of gender, the body, sex differences, political, social,
international, philosophical, anthropological, and cultural studies of
men and women.