Gender Studies | Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Culture
G225 | ALL | Thomas

Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture surveys the making and meaning
of masculinity, femininity and sexuality within popular culture.
Emphasizing historical changes in the forms and technologies of
popular culture, the course may explore an array of forms - fiction,
theater, cinema, music, television, journalism or other mass media -
with respect to patterns and representations of gender and sexuality.
Issues interrogated may include: gender and the power of the image;
sex and spectatorship; melodrama, film noir and "the women's film";
diverse television genres from soap operas to sit-coms; rock music,
women, and MTV; portrayals of race, age, ethnicity, class and
globalization of popular culture; or violence, masculinity, and
The course is introductory and is ideal preparation for those seeking
further study of gender and/or in the arts, humanities, cultural
studies, or American studies, European studies areas, or international