Gender Studies | Institutions, Policy, and Gender
G399 | ALL | Tba

Institutions, Policy, and Gender Relations investigates public and
private institutions and their policies regulating sexuality and
gendered relations. It compares gender analysis in large organizations
such as "the state," "the corporation," "the patriarchy," or "the
law."  This course also examines institutions and relations that are
subjected to policy-making, debate, and legal sanction and may
include: education, law, religion, work, leisure, health, domestic
life, prostitution, pornography, and homosexuality.  Definitions of
"deviant" and "acceptable" sexual behavior within the context of state
policy illuminate the themes of power and powerlessness in gendered or
sexual behavior within various political regimes, ethical frameworks,
and legal contexts.

Those with backgrounds in courses related to social, historical,
behavioral, ethical and legal frameworks, or those addressing
philosophical, political, American, European and international studies
will find that this course enhances their understanding of key issues.
Gender Studies majors and minors will find that the course
diversifies and complements previous courses in the area.