Gender Studies | Gender and Discourse
G485 | ALL | Malti-Douglas

Mysteries of Gender proposes: "If gender may be a mystery to some,
imagine what happens when gender combines with actual mysteries."
This course examines texts (both visual and verbal) that deal with
various types of mysteries and thrillers.  It covers texts that come
from both the "classical detective" genre and the "hard-boiled" genre.
In addition, this course investigates more specialized mysteries that
deal with law and medicine, as well as those that deal with more
culturally-sensitive issues like child abuse.  The authors are both
male and female (including some lesbian writers).  Questions addressed
may include: What is the difference between a male detective (be he
classical or hard-boiled), and a female detective?  Does the presence
of law and/or medicine alter the role of the investigator?  How does
the lesbian mystery differ, if at all, from the more traditional
"classical" detective mystery with a female detective (e.g. Miss
Marple)?  Issues of the body and sexuality loom large as this course
examines the nature of the murderer, the murdered, and the entire
process of legal and medical investigation.

This senior level course will be especially interesting for Gender
Studies majors and minors seeking a senior seminar, as well as those
with backgrounds in literature, cultural studies, communication or
criminal justice.