Gender Studies | Critical Issues in Gender Studies
G498 | ALL | Allen

Feminism Between Women's Suffrage & The Pill interrogates the notion
that feminism in America and other western countries peaked around the
early twentieth century woman suffrage campaigns, then disappeared
once the vote was won.  Then in the late 1960's, with the pill, "The
Sexual Revolution" and the Women's Liberation Movement, feminism is
said to have re-emerged.  This course questions this conventional
narrative by examining twentieth century feminist developments in
America and other western countries, especially in the period between
woman suffrage movements and the ferment of the 1960's.  Themes
addressed include: feminist Progressive Era feminist texts and
activism; African-American feminist issues in the 1920's and 1930's;
feminist critics of fascism, economic depression, and war; wartime and
postwar campaigns related to equal rights, equal pay, education and
workforce participation; mid-twentieth century feminist contributions
to the humanities and social sciences; and feminist debates over
sexuality, gender, and reproduction.

This course fulfils the senior seminar requirements for Gender Studies
majors, and will be of interest to Gender Studies minors and other who
have taken previous courses related to gender and/or feminism within
historical, sociological, literary, cultural, European or American