History | Images of Labor Through Film
A200 | 2960 | Ashby

Above section meets Sept 2-Nov 18
Above section meets with LSTU L290/L390

The class will feature the viewing and discussion of labor-oriented
films and documentaries. Each session, we will discuss the specific
labor struggles and working class issues addressed in the film;
discuss issues raised in the film including those of working
conditions, race, gender, union goals, and labor-management
relations; compare and contrast the films and analyze the accuracy of
the film’s depiction of workers and unions.  Some of the films we
will discuss are “Matewan,” “Grapes of Wrath,” “The Killing
Floor,” “Salt of the Earth,” “Norma Rae,” “American Dream,” “On the
Waterfront,” “Bread and Roses,” “Harlan County USA,”  and “Fight in
the Fields.”  Students will read an 800 page Reader providing
historical context on the events depicted in each film.  As the films
average two hours, each class session runs 3 1/2  hours and the class
runs for just twelve sessions.  Students will journal on each film,
and there will be take-home essay mid-term and final exams.