History | The Emergence of Europe
B224 | 2976 | Ipsen

Western civilization, without the civilization (sort of).  This
course will explore the physical space of Europe, it’s peopling and
the development of languages, the growth of cities and the emergence
of states.  We shall explore various arguments regarding how and when
Europe moved from a peripheral backwater to political and economic
global hegemony.  We’ll consider the spread of European peoples to
other areas of the globe after 1492 and the mechanisms, violent and
biological, by which they came to replace indigenous peoples in some
of those areas.  We’ll explore European colonization and imperialism
to its peak in the late nineteenth century when Europe dominated much
of Africa and Asia.  We’ll conclude with European quasi-self
destruction in two World Wars, de-colonization and the emergence of a
new and unifying Europe in the late twentieth century.  Now you’re
ready for Western Civilization.